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The following TDCJ publications are either webpages, text files, Word documents, or Excel documents, or have been converted into PDF files. For accessibility issues, follow this link.

Administrative Review & Risk Management

Advisory Council on Ethics

Annual Review

Business & Finance

Criminal Justice Connections Newsletter - employee newsletter

Community Justice Assistance Division - publications pertinent to adult probation

Correctional Institutions Division

Executive Administrative Services

Health Services

Human Resources

Internal Audit

Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division

Office of the General Counsel

Parole Division

PREA Ombudsman

Reentry and Integration Division

Texas Board of Criminal Justice

Meeting agendas, schedules and minutes of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, the governing body for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI)

Summarizes the accomplishments and challenges of TCOOMMI during the biennium.

Victim Services