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Escapee Apprehended
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TDCJ Site Policies

Accessibility Policy

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is committed to making its Web site accessible to all users, and we have included several features designed to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. Some of these features are described below.

  • Images on the site contain 'alt tags' with descriptions of the image. These descriptions aid users who listen to the content of the site by using a screen reader.
  • The "skip repetitive links" function provides those using screen readers with a method for bypassing the header or navigation menu and going directly to the main content when a page is accessed.
  • Data tables are provided with content summaries in table headers so that accessibility devices operate smoothly.
  • Drop down menus for site navigation provide a list of hierarchical links that can be utilized by accessibility devices and via the keyboard.
  • Whenever possible, special publications are made available in a text document or an HTML document. When publishing a document in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), a link is provided to access a free download of Adobe PDF Reader.

To improve the accessibility of our Web site we test any major redesign with screen readers and other Web tools. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice welcomes comments on how to improve the site's accessibility for users with disabilities.

Additional information about accessibility programs in Texas is available from the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities.

Site Validation

The site is designed to validate with the W3C standards for HTML5, except where official exceptions have been given.

Accessibility Coordinator

Please contact the TDCJ Web Accessibility Coordinator with requests for accommodations at:

Agency Contact Information

The primary contact for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is: