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Victim Services Division

The Victim Impact Statement (VIS) forms and VIS Activity Report

VIS County Observation Study

“It’s Your Voice” - Victim Impact Statement Brochure

  • It's Your Voice (PDF) - A brochure that explains the importance of the Victim Impact Statement and how it is used during court proceedings and the parole review process.

VIS Recommended Procedures

VIS Tracking Form - The purpose of this form is for VACs to ensure that all necessary parties received the VIS and forwarded it to the appropriate office. This form is designed as a template to be used at the county’s discretion, please revise as applicable for your county.
  • VIS Tracking Form
Victim Impact Statement (English) - The VIS form collects victims' notification preferences and information about the emotional/psychological, physical, and financial impact an offense has had on the victim. The district or county attorney's office is required to provide the VIS form to victims.
  • Victim Impact Statement Packet
    • Word (English)
    • PDF (English)
    • PDF (English) Fillable Version
  • Additional Page - Continued space to record the impact a crime has had on a victim or a victim's family. This page may be included with the VIS form.
    • Word (English)
    • PDF (English)
    • PDF (English) Fillable Version

Victim Impact Statement Supplemental Page - A form addressing Court Ordered Child Custody Orders. This page is to be included with the VIS form, when applicable, by Victim Assistance Coordinators or persons responsible for sending the VIS.

Hoja de Informaciòn de la Vìctima/Declaración de Impacto de la Victima (Español) - Un documento proporcionado a las victimas por los Coordinadores de Asistencia a la Victima para obtener información de el impacto emocional, psicológico, físico y financiero que ha tenido una ofensa en la victima.

  • Hoja de Informaciòn de la Vìctima/Declaración de Impacto de la Victima

Victim Impact Statement - Just for Kids - Form used by Victim Witness Coordinators to obtain information about victims of crime when the witness is a juvenile.

Declaracion de Impacto a la Victima Solo para Niños - Forma usada por los coordinadores de Victim Witness para obtener la información sobre víctimas del crimen cuando el testigo es un juvenil.

Victim Impact Statement - For Victims of Juvenile Offenders - Provided by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for Victims of Juvenile Offenders. This form was developed after the Victim Impact Statement form was revised based on changes by the 84th Legislature.

Victim Impact Statement Activity Report