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Executive Director's Recruiting Award

Recruit a CO, Maintenance Supervisor, or Equipment Operator (Truck Driver)

Current employees are eligible for the Executive Director’s Recruiting Award. The award includes a certificate of recognition, a $100 gift card, and eight hours of administrative leave.  In order for the referring TDCJ employee to receive the recruiting award, the newly hired CO, maintenance supervisors or equipment operators (truck drivers) shall remain employed for at least six complete calendar months.  The maximum number of recruiting awards an employee may receive per fiscal year is 10 gift cards, worth $1,000, and 80 hours of administrative leave.  Administrative leave will expire one calendar year from the date it was issued.

Referring TDCJ employees may choose from the following gift card options:  Walmart, Target, HEB, Kroger, Shell, Exxon, Academy, or Amazon.  The value of the gift card is considered taxable income.  The referring employee must be employed to receive the recruiting award.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Encourage a relative or friend to apply for a Correctional Officer, Maintenance Supervisor, or Equipment Operator (Truck Driver) position.

  2. Complete and sign Applicant Referral form.

  3. Have the applicant complete and sign the Applicant Information section and submit the referral form with his/her application, or can present the referral form at the time of job interview.

Download the Form

Applicant Referral, PERS 415

PERS 415 (PDF)

PERS 415 (Word)

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Page updated: 07/20/2022