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Correctional Officer Essential Functions

  1. Attends pre-service training programs at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Correctional Training Academy and receives on-the-job training while working with experienced correctional officers at the assigned facility.

  2. Searches for contraband and provides security; counts, feeds, and supervises offenders in housing, work, and other areas accessed by stairs; and maintains security of various assigned areas involving long periods of sitting and standing, climbing stairs and ladders to reach the assigned areas, and working at heights.

  3. Provides custody and security of offenders including observing actions of offenders, squatting and bending to perform "pat" and "strip" searches of offenders, restraining and securing sometimes assaultive offenders, and transferring and transporting offenders by walking or riding in various vehicles such as trailers, vans, buses, and other forms of transportation.

  4. Supervises and provides security of offenders performing technical skills such as construction, maintenance, laundry, food service, and in varied industrial and agricultural operations which involve climbing stairs and ladders, and climbing around the inside or outside of buildings; works outdoors and indoors without air conditioning; works around motorized or moving equipment and machinery; and is subject to all types of weather.

  5. Responds to emergencies, including climbing stairs and ladders while searching for escaped offenders, hearing calls for and calling for help, giving first aid at the emergency site, carrying an injured or unconscious offender or employee various distances to safety up or down stairs and ladders; and uses force and deadly force, including the use of chemical agents and firearms, to control offenders.

  6. Reads, reviews, and properly applies information found in offender records which is related to the offenders health and safety and to the security of the facility; provides leadership and technical guidance to other staff; complies with policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; enforces offender disciplinary rules; and prepares and maintains records, forms, and reports.

  • Performs a variety of marginal duties not listed, to be determined and assigned as needed

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Page updated: 07/20/2022