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Our National Guard and Reserve Employees

We proudly salute these military employees who have chosen to defend and protect the very freedoms we hold so dear. We thank them not only for their military service, but for their continued commitment to TDCJ.

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  • Ibanez, Jonathan (Army National Guard)
  • Ibanez, Jesus (Army National Guard)
  • Ibarra, Mariel (Army National Guard)
  • Inandjo, Irenola (Army Reserve)
  • Ingram, Logan (Army Reserve)
  • Isbell, Jerald (Army Reserve)

  • Jackson, Kyla (Army National Guard)
  • Jackson, Jr., Peter (Naval Reserve)
  • Jackson, Tori (Army Reserve)
  • Jackson, Johnny (Army Reserve)
  • James, Nicholas (Army National Guard)
  • Jankowiak, Joseph (Army National Guard)
  • Jenkins, Anthony (Army National Guard)
  • Jenkins, Trent (Naval Reserve)
  • Jimenez, Juan (National Guard)
  • Johnson, Jason (Army National Guard)
  • Johnson, Jasper (Army Reserve)
  • Jonah, Ubong (Army Reserve)
  • Jones, Kavetta (Texas State Guard)
  • Jones, James (Texas State Guard)
  • Jones, Shundrika (Army Reserve)
  • Jones, Teren (Air Force Reserve)
  • Jones, Stephen (Marine Corps Reserve)
  • Jones, Kevin (Army National Guard)
  • Jones, Seth (Army Reserve)
  • Jones, Jr., Karl (Army Reserve)
  • Jones, Scott (Army Reserve)

  • Kakotagouh, Vanel (Army National Guard)
  • Kallin, Brittany (Army Reserve)
  • Kamara, Mustapha (Army Reserve)
  • Kamau, Nicholas (Naval Reserve)
  • Kelani, Adeniyi (Army Reserve)
  • Kerber, Michael (Air Force Reserve)
  • King, Justin (Army National Guard)
  • Kinney, Alexis (Army National Guard)
  • Klotz, Patrick (Army Reserve)
  • Kolade, Olukunle (Naval Reserve)
  • Krueger, Ashley (Air National Guard)
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