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$5,000 Recruiting Bonus for All New TDCJ Maintenance Supervisors

Who is eligible to sign a Bonus Contract?$5,000 Recruiting Bonus for New Maintenance Supervisors

  • Full-time maintenance supervisors who were newly hired or graduated from the academy on or after April 27, 2018,

  • TDCJ retirees who rehired as full-time maintenance supervisors after 90 calendar days of retirement from TDCJ, or

  • TDCJ former employees rehired as full-time maintenance supervisors after one year of separation from TDCJ, or

  • Current non-uniformed TDCJ employees are eligible for the recruiting bonus upon employment into a full-time maintenance supervisor position. If the employee has been in a uniformed position during the last 12 months, the employee is ineligible to enter into a recruitment bonus contract. Additionally, employees who have previously received a recruiting bonus are not eligible to receive an additional bonus.

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What are the terms?

  • You must be eligible to receive the recruitment bonus.

  • You must sign a contract agreeing to work for one year from the date of bonus payment.

  • You must repay the bonus in-full or partially if employment with TDCJ ends before one year from the date of bonus payment.

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Page update: 03/21/2023