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The mission of Employment is to ensure and promote fairness and consistency in the recruitment, selection and retention of qualified applicants and provide service and guidance to upper management, employees and applicants.

Employment consists of two functional areas:

CO Recruiting/Staffing

The Correctional Recruiting/Staffing program area coordinates TDCJ's recruitment activities and manages the Executive Director's Recruiting Award program, which rewards employees for successfully recruiting correctional officer applicants for bonus eligible units with staffing shortages.  Duties include processing correctional officer applications and screening the applicants through testing, interviewing, and criminal background checks.  This program area manages the hiring of all correctional officers, as well as schedules the Physical Agility Test for all correctional officers, correctional supervisors, food service managers, and laundry manager applicants scheduled to attend the TDCJ Pre-Service Training Academy or Direct Hire Orientation.  Correctional Staffing also manages the correctional officer pre-employment test calendar on the agency website, the correctional officer transfer system, and maintains statistical reports on unit correctional officer strength and attrition.


Selections/Clearances provides support to Human Resources staff, as well as agency management. Some of their core functions include conducting minimum qualifications screening and assisting with the coordination of interviews for Human Resources positions; clearing outside applicants for agency, contract, volunteer and Private Facilities positions; conducts former CO clearance review; conducts audits of selection packets for Operational Review; maintains selection paperwork for all positions posted for the agency; maintains applicant flow statistics; and provides policy guidance to managers, Human Resources staff, employees and outside applicants.  This area also manages the employee identification card system for the TDCJ.


Page updated: 08/05/2021