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Disability Retirement

Occupational Disability Retirement

An employee who is disabled as a direct result of a specific event at a definite time and place (within two years of the date of injury) related to a risk or hazard inherent in duties performed may be eligible for an occupational disability retirement regardless of age or length of service.

Non-Occupational Disability Retirement

An active employee with at least 10 years of service who is disabled from any cause not related to the job may be eligible for a non-occupational disability retirement. Application must be made within two years of last contribution.

Disability Guidelines

If an employee becomes mentally or physically disabled, the employee may be eligible for occupational or non-occupational disability retirement benefits. A medical examination will be required, and the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) Medical Board must certify that the disability is permanent and prevents the employee from continuing duties as a State employee.

If eligible for health coverage, the State pays the total cost for retirees’ health coverage and basic term life insurance, and pays 50% of health coverage costs for retirees’ eligible dependents if approved for disability retirement.

Page updated: 09/08/2021