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LECOS Supplemental Retirement

TDCJ employees with employment that meets the Law Enforcement Custodial Officers System (LECOS) guidelines are eligible for LECOS Supplemental Retirement. Employees certified by the Agency as having regular contact with inmates/releasees/ defendants are eligible for LECOS supplemental retirement benefits through ERS.

LECOS employees contribute an additional 0.5% for a total of their gross monthly salary deducted on a pre-tax basis and placed into the employee's personal state retirement account.

Employees are eligible to retire before age 50 with reduced benefits upon obtaining 20 years LECOS service (with health insurance).

Employees are eligible to retire at the regular retirement rate at age 55 with 10 or more years of LECOS service and receive health insurance.

Table 1: LECOS Retirement Eligibility Chart
Age Years of LECOS Service Type of LECOS Benefits Insurance
50 20 Full Benefits Yes
Rule of 80 20 or more years> Full Benefits Yes
Under 50 20 Full Benefits Yes

Page updated: 09/08/2021