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Sick Leave

All full-time TDCJ employees earn eight (8) hours sick leave per month. Part-time employees earn four (4) hours sick leave per month. Accumulation of sick leave is unlimited.

Donated Sick Leave

Employees may donate accrued sick time to another employee with a catastrophic illness or injury within the same agency that has exhausted all accrued time, SLP hours, and DSL received before SLP approval.

Extended Sick Leave

TDCJ employees with five or more years State service and 56 hours sick time accrued at the onset of the current injury/illness may be eligible for up to 6 weeks of extended sick leave (this is a one-time only benefit).  Employees must apply for Sick Leave Pool prior to applying for Extended Sick Leave

Family Leave Pool

Family Leave Pool is accrued sick or vacation time voluntarily contributed by TDCJ employees to benefits any TDCJ employee with eligible employee or family care needs.  Employee must contribute in order to withdraw.  Working retirees are not eligible to withdraw.  Family Leave Pool contributions are taxable and considered wages for income tax purposes.

Sick Leave Pool

TDCJ employees with 12 months of TDCJ service, 56 hours sick time accrued at the onset of the current, catastrophic injury or illness, and who have contributed a minimum of 8 hours to the Sick Leave Pool during the current fiscal year may be eligible.

The maximum number of hours available per catastrophic illness or injury eligible employees may be granted is based on months of state service and contribution to the pool in the current fiscal year.


Additional Information

For additional information, please see the following policies:

Page updated: 03/08/2022