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Health Insurance

New Hires and retirees will have a health coverage waiting period if there is no continuous Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) or state coverage. Health coverage will begin the first day of the month after the 60th day of employment. Health coverage includes comprehensive health and prescription drug benefits, along with the State paid $5,000 basic term life and $5,000 AD&D coverage.

The State pays the total cost of health coverage for full-time employees, and pays 50% health coverage costs for full-time employees’ eligible dependents. For part-time employees the State pays 50% of health coverage for employees and 25% for eligible dependents.


HealthSelect of Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, is available to all State employees.


The co-payment amount is $25.00 per office visit when utilizing the selected primary care physician (PCP).


  • 80/20
  • no deductible
  • $2,000 per person calendar year out-of-pocket coinsurance expense


  • 60/40
  • $500 individual deductible
  • $7,000 per person calendar year out-of-pocket coinsurance expense

Consumer Directed Health Select

  • High deductible, paired with a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Large Network

  • 100% Covered Medical Care (except preventative) and prescriptions paid by member until deductible is met

  • Coinsurance insisted of co-payments

  • No primary care physician or referral needed

  • Included prescription drug coverage

  • Monthly HSA contributions from the state

Premium Conversion

Insurance premiums, other than for dependent life, short and long term disability, are deducted from gross pay prior to social security and federal withholding taxes.

Page updated: 09/10/2021