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Hilltop (HT)

Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

ACA Accredited Unit Since January 2008

Unit Full Name: Hilltop Unit
Unit Address and Phone Number: 1500 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76598-2996
(254) 865-8901 (**031)
Unit Location: Three miles north of Gatesville on Business Hwy 36 in Coryell County
Senior Warden: Whitney Franks
Regional Director: Carol Monroe, Region VI
Deputy Division Director: Eric Guerrero
Date Unit Established or On Line: April 1981
Total Employees *: 268
Security Employees *: 184
Non-Security Employees *: 64
Windham Education Employees *: 11
Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees *: Medical = 8; Mental Health = 1
Offender Gender: Female
Maximum Capacity *: Unit: 341
Trusty Camp: 212
Custody Levels Housed: G1-G3, Outside Trusty, Youthful Offenders
Approximate Acreage: 1,283 (Co-located with Crain, Murray, and Woodman)
Agricultural Operations: Hilltop, Crain, Hughes, Mountain View, and Murray work in cooperation: Edible and Field Crops, Farm Shop, Regional Pest Control, Security Horses, Security Pack Canines, and Swine Finishing Operation.
Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: Garment Factory
Facility Operations: Region VI (Gatesville Region) Regional Maintenance Headquarters; Unit Maintenance
Additional Operations: Pre-Service/In-Service Training Facility; Regional Medical Offices and Training; Larry Dowdy Conference Room and Training Center
Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. All services on a single level, including CPAP accommodating housing. Managed by UTMB.
Special Treatment Programs: COURAGE Program for Youthful Offenders; Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP); Sex Offender Education Program (SOEP)
Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Special Education, Title I, CHANGES/Pre-Release, Cognitive Intervention, Parenting Seminar
Career and Technology Programs: Business Image Management and Multimedia; Diversified Career Preparation - Food Services
Central Texas College Academic / Texas A&M (Central Texas) University Academic
Additional Programs/Services: Faith Based Dormitory, Adult Education Program (upon availability), Life Decisions Program, HIV Peer Education, Reentry Planning, Chaplaincy Services, GO KIDS Initiative
Community Work Projects: None
Volunteer Initiatives: Substance Abuse Education, Literacy/Education, Life Skills, Parent Training, Support Groups, Religious/Faith Based Studies and Activities, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, Truth Be Told, Women's Storybook Project

* Data as of September 15, 2016