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Correctional Institutions Division - State Operated State Jail

Alonzo Hammond
Senior Warden

Travis County (TI)

ACA Accredited Unit Since May 2008


Travis County State Jail
8101 FM 969
Austin, TX 78724

Phone: (512) 926-4482 (**118)

Location: Two miles east of Hwy 183 on FM 969 in Travis County

Unit Full Name: Travis County State Jail

Senior Warden: Alonzo Hammond

Regional Director: Jerry Sanchez, Region VI

Deputy Division Director: Miguel Martinez

Date Unit Established or On Line: February 1997

Total Employees: 264

Security Employees: 185

Non-Security Employees: 48

Windham Education Employees: 16

Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees: Medical = 13; Mental Health = 2

Inmate Gender: Male

Capacity: 1,161

Custody Levels Housed: J1, J2, J4, G1, G2, Transient, Youthful Offenders

Approximate Acreage: 95

Agricultural Operations: Unit Garden

Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: None

Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance

Additional Operations: Scent-Specific Canines; Narcotic Canines

Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. Telemedicine and Digital Medical Services (DMS) available. All services on a single level. Managed by UTMB.

Special Treatment Programs: State Jail Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SJSATP), Champions Youth Program (CYP), Veterans Dorm

Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Title I, CHANGES/Pre-Release, Cognitive Intervention; Career and Technology Programs: Business Image Management and Multimedia; Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance

Additional Programs/Services: Faith-Based Dormitory, Prison Deterrence Education Program, Adult Education Program (upon availability), Life Decisions Program, Peer Education, Crime Prevention Institute, Chaplaincy Services, Community Tours, Crime Stoppers, GO KIDS Initiative

Community Work Projects: Services provided to city and county agencies.

Volunteer Initiatives: Literacy/Education, Employment/Job Skills, Substance Abuse Education, Life Skills, Parent Training, Marriage Training, Support Groups, Religious/Faith-Based Studies and Activities, Family Reintegration, Storybook Project