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Frequently Asked Questions

Commissary and Trust Fund Department

How do I send money to an inmate?

You have six (6) options:

  1. Money order or cashier's check
  2. Monthly checking account debit (ACH)
  3. ACE – America’s Cash Express
  4. eCommDirect Store
  5. JPay
  6. TouchPay Payment Systems

Click here to view and print instructions for using the above options.

You may not send cash or personal check to an inmate.

Has the payment I sent been posted to the inmate's account?

Call (936) 438-8990 and provide inmate TDCJ number, inmate name, your name, amount of deposit, and the date it was sent. We will only verify this information to the sender.

What is the inmate's account balance?

This information cannot be provided as it is confidential.

Will the inmate earn interest on funds in their account?

No, inmates with funds in excess of their immediate needs are encouraged to open an account with and transfer excess funds to a banking facility of their choice.

May I send the deposit directly to the inmate's unit of assignment?

No, all deposits must process through the inmate's Trust Fund account.

How may I obtain deposit slips?

You may obtain deposit slips from the inmate.