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Training and Leader Development Division

Photo of David Yebra, Director
David Yebra


Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Training and Leader Development Division
Two Financial Plaza, Suite #650
Huntsville, Texas 77340
Phone: (936) 437-4551

Division Overview

We are committed to the delivery of quality training focused on performance and centered on employee learning, development, and wellness. Our certified trainers embody the professionalism and discipline to inspire our employees in order to enhance their desire to serve. New employees immediately recognize our dedication to their reception, integration, and developmental progression in the agency. Each employee learns through a blend of online training and face to face engagement. Face to face engagements are focused on building the confidence of our employees to deal with the range of the difficult situations we face. They are empowered to track their education and training to see what they have accomplished and are able to visualize future options for their continued service. Employees are identified for their leadership potential and developed as the agency’s next generation of leaders through a deliberate succession plan involving mentorship and sustained leader development experiences. We contribute to the retention of our force by empowering them with knowledge, by enabling them to see their progress, to facilitate advanced education, and enhancing their leadership potential at any level within the agency. We are focused on three lines of operation as a learning organization: Leader Development, Online Education, and Mobile Training Teams.


Leader Development

  • Succession planning
  • Individual progression (key development gates, incentives)
  • Content development designed to meet specific needs
  • Leadership Academy administration (high potential employees)
  • Impact Leader Development sessions (off-site or on-site experiences)

Online Education

  • Content development
  • Digital dashboard (online transcript and progression)
  • Assessments and accountability
  • Transcript management and degree enhancement analysis
  • Sustained engagement for continued learning

Mobile Training Team

  • Expert multi-functional trainers certified through a trainer academy experience
  • Impact training (trainer development, focus area, leader development)
  • Trainer and participant/team performance evaluation
  • Identification and dissemination of best practices
  • Facilitation of interactive After Action Reviews (AARs) to improve performance