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Correctional Managed Health Care

Correctional Health Care Services

The Correctional Managed Health Care Program provides comprehensive health care services to adult offenders incarcerated in Texas prison and state jail facilities. The Inmate Health Services Plan describes the level, type and variety of services available to offenders. Such services include, but are not limited to basic ambulatory care, infirmary care, hospitalization and specialty care services, pharmaceutical services, dental care, optometry care, and mental health services.

Access to Care

All offenders are afforded access to health care services. Each facility within TDCJ has written procedures which describe the process for offenders to gain access to services to meet their medical, dental and mental health needs. Offenders are provided information at intake and upon arrival at their unit of assignment on procedures for obtaining health care services.

TDCJ Annual Health Care Services Fee Pamphlet

Inmate Fee for Health Care

Medical Necessity

Under the correctional health care program, offenders are provided with those health care services determined to be medically necessary. Consideration of medical necessity involves determinations that the service(s) to be provided are:

  • appropriate and necessary for the symptoms, diagnosis or treatment of the medical condition;
  • provided for the diagnosis or direct care and treatment of the medical condition;
  • within standards of good medical practice within the organized medical community;
  • not primarily for convenience; and,
  • the most appropriate provision or level of service which can be safely provided.

Summary of Services by Facility

A general summary of health care services capabilities is provided at each facility. Please click here to be routed to the list of facilities.