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Correctional Institutions Division

Bobby Lumpkin, Director, Correctional Institutions Division
Bobby Lumpkin

The mission of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institutions Division is to provide safe and appropriate confinement, supervision, rehabilitation and reintegration of adult felons, and to effectively manage or administer correctional facilities based on constitutional and statutory standards. We work with communities to improve public safety by providing effective interventions through a safe, secure, and positive environment empowering individuals to achieve life-long success. We protect the interests of the state of Texas when contracting with outside vendors and representatives through effective management, monitoring, and on-going communication between the TDCJ and its contracted representatives.


Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Correctional Institutions Division
PO Box 99
Huntsville, TX 77342-0099
Phone: (936) 437-2173
Fax: (936) 437-6325

Division Overview

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice created the Correctional Institutions Division (CID) in September of 2003 through a merger of the Institutional Division, Operations Division, Private Facility Division, and the State Jail Division.

The CID is responsible for the confinement of adult felony and state jail felony inmates who are sentenced to incarceration in a secure facility. The CID oversees state prisons, pre-release facilities, psychiatric facilities, Developmentally Disabled Offender Program, medical facilities, state jails, a geriatric facility, and substance abuse felony punishment facilities (SAFPF). There are expansion cellblock facilities, additional medical facilities, and a work camp co-located within several of the facilities mentioned above.

The CID is also responsible for support functions such as Classification and Records; Laundry, Food, and Supply; Mail Systems Coordinators Panel; Office for Disciplinary Coordination; Plans and Operations; Safe Prisons/PREA Management Office; Security Operations; and Security Threat Group Management Office (STGMO).

Effective June 15, 2007, private operated facilities were separated from the CID to commence as the Private Facility Contract Monitoring and Oversight Division.

The first Texas prison, the Huntsville “Walls” Unit, was constructed and opened in 1849 with three inmates. Today, facilities operated by the CID vary in the number and types of inmates housed, physical design, and services provided. All facilities operated by CID are secure facilities, with perimeter fences, security equipment, and appropriate staffing to ensure public safety. All units are managed with staff, the public, and inmate safety as a priority.

Eric Guerrero, Deputy Director
Eric Guerrero
Deputy Division Director

Phone: (936) 437-6318
Fax: (936) 437-8725

Region I
Region IV
Classification and Records

Richard Babcock, Deputy Director
Richard Babcock
Deputy Division Director

Phone: (936) 437-8702
Fax: (936) 437-8724

Region III
Region V
Laundry, Food and Supply

Miguel Martinez, Deputy Director
Miguel Martinez
Deputy Division Director

Phone: (936) 437-2116
Fax: (936) 437-6207

Region II
Region VI
Safe Prisons/PREA Management Office
Security Threat Group Management Office

Functional areas of the Correctional Institutions Division

Inmate Information