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TDCJ Air Conditioning Construction Projects

Updated: April 17, 2024

Core to the mission of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is protecting the public, our employees, and the inmates in our custody. Over the last several years, the agency has worked to increase the number of cool beds available. TDCJ is dedicated to continuing to add air-conditioned beds in our facilities.

During the 88th Texas Legislative session, TDCJ received a historic infusion of funding for major repair and improvement projects at facilities. Specifically, the agency received $85 million to install additional air conditioning. This funding will substantially increase the number of cool beds available.

Currently, TDCJ has 31 units fully air conditioned and 55 units partially air conditioned.

From April 15 through October 31, the agency implements enhanced procedures to lessen the effects of hot temperatures for those in our facilities.

Enhanced Heat Protocols

45,496 cool beds, 2,149 under construction, 11,565 in design phase

Cool Beds Completed
Bradshaw State Jail 512
Dominguez State Jail 460
Garza West Unit 432
Hilltop Unit 26
Hodge Unit 989
Holliday Unit 368
Hutchins State Jail 230
Jester III Unit 164
Johnston Unit 612
Lewis Unit 282
Lopez Unit 197
Middleton Unit 540
Murray Unit 282
Pack Unit 1,478
Plane Unit 920
Sanchez State Jail 84
Stiles Unit 282
Telford Unit 95
Woodman State Jail 480
Cool Beds Under Construction
Formby State Jail 197
Gist State Jail 464
Holliday Unit 216
Lychner State Jail 116
Plane State Jail 1,156
Cool Beds in Design
Beto Unit 792
Boyd Unit 1,372
Goodman Unit 612
Hightower Unit 1,384
Jester III Unit 953
Luther Unit 1,316
O'Daniel Unit 38
Polunsky Unit 432
Powledge Unit 1,137
Stevenson Unit 1,384
Stiles Unit 432
Terrell Unit 1,603
Young Medical Facility 110