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Wynne (WY)

Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2008

Unit Full Name: John M. Wynne Unit
Unit Address and Phone Number: 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349
(936) 295-9126 (**020)
Unit Location: On FM 2821 West and Hwy 75 North in Walker County
Senior Warden: Rocky Moore
Regional Director: Stephen Bryant, Region I
Deputy Division Director: John Werner
Date Unit Established or On Line: 1883
Total Employees: 697
Security Employees: 451
Non-Security Employees: 126
Windham Education Employees: 102
Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees: Medical = 15; Mental Health = 3
Inmate Gender: Male
Capacity: Unit: 2,300
Trusty Camp: 321
Custody Levels Housed: G1-G4, Administrative Segregation, Outside Trusty
Approximate Acreage: 1,396 (Co-located with Holliday)
Agricultural Operations: Wynne and Holliday work in cooperation: Edible and Field Crops, Egg Laying Operation, Farm Shop, Regional Pest Control, Security Horses, Security Pack Canines, Swine Finishing Operation, and Veterinary Clinic. Wynne assists Goree Unit in the Horse Breeding Program.
Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: Computer Recovery Facility; License Plate Plant; Mattress Factory; Sign and Plastics Facility; Graphics Facility; Mechanical Department (Diesel Engine Repair, Wrecker Service, Tire Operations); Food Service Warehouse, Freight Terminal
Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance
Additional Operations: Scent-Specific Canines; Narcotic Canines; Human Remains Detection (HRD) Canines; Windham School District Administrative Headquarters, Regional Office and Warehouse; Laundry services provided for the Holliday Unit.
Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. Digital Medical Services (DMS), electronic specialty clinics, and CPAP accommodating housing available. Managed by UTMB.
Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Special Education, CHANGES/Pre-Release
Career and Technology Programs: Computer Maintenance Technician; Diesel Mechanics; Small Engine Repair; Welding
Lee College Vocational: Truck Driving; Welding; Advanced Welding
Additional Programs/Services: Faith Based Dormitory, House Church Program, Adult Education Program (upon availability), Life Decisions Program, Peer Education, Reentry Planning, Chaplaincy Services, GO KIDS Initiative
Community Work Projects: Services provided to city and county agencies and local organizations.
Volunteer Initiatives: Literacy/Education, Employment/Job Skills, Substance Abuse Education, Support Groups, Religious/Faith Based Studies and Activities