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Roach (RH)

Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2002

Unit Full Name: T.L. Roach Unit
Unit Address and Phone Number: 15845 FM 164, Childress, TX 79201
(940) 937-6364 (**050)
Unit Location: Two miles southwest of Hwy 287 on FM 164 in Childress County
Senior Warden: Michael Crow
Regional Director: David Blackwell, Region V
Deputy Division Director: Eric Guerrero
Date Unit Established or On Line: August 1991
Total Employees: 289
Security Employees: 199
Non-Security Employees: 59
Windham Education Employees: 15
Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees: Medical = 16; Mental Health = 0
Inmate Gender: Male
Capacity: Unit: 1,384
Custody Levels Housed: G1, G2, G4
Approximate Acreage: 1,651
Agricultural Operations: Security Horses, Security Pack Canines, Unit Food Bank Garden, Contract Farming Operations
Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: Soap and Detergent Factory; Childress Distribution Center
Facility Operations: Region V (Panhandle Region) Maintenance Headquarters; Unit Maintenance
Additional Operations: Scent-Specific Canines; Human Remains Detection (HRD) Canines
Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. Telemedicine Services and CPAP accommodating housing available. Managed by Texas Tech.
Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Special Education, Title I, CHANGES/Pre-Release, English as a Second Language, Cognitive Intervention
Career and Technology Programs: Construction Carpentry; Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance
Additional Programs/Services: Special Alternative Incarceration Program (SAIP) - Boot Camp for Men, Adult Education Program (upon availability), Peer Education, Reentry Planning, Chaplaincy Services, Crime Stoppers, Community Tours, GO KIDS Initiative
Community Work Projects: Services provided to city and county agencies, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the area food bank, the Texas Department of Transportation, and Texas Parks and Wildlife.
Volunteer Initiatives: Literacy/Education, Substance Abuse Education, Life Skills, Arts/Crafts, Support Groups, Religious/Faith Based Studies and Activities