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Estelle (E2)

Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2008

Unit Full Name: W. J. "Jim" Estelle Unit
Unit Address and Phone Number: 264 FM 3478, Huntsville, TX 77320-3320
(936) 291-4200 (**032)
Unit Location: Ten miles north of Huntsville on FM 3478 in Walker County
Senior Warden: Jeffery Richardson
Regional Director: Stephen Bryant, Region I
Deputy Division Director: John Werner
Date Unit Established or On Line: June 1984
Total Employees: 980
Security Employees: 662
Non-Security Employees: 133
Windham Education Employees: 21
Contract Medical and Mental Health Employees: Medical = 156; Mental Health = 8
Inmate Gender: Male
Capacity: Unit: 3,148 (Includes Expansion Cells)
SAFP: 212
Regional Medical Facility: 120 (Not included in unit capacity)
Custody Levels Housed: G1-G5, Security Detention, Safekeeping, Substance Abuse, Geriatric, Transient Medical Facility: All levels requiring medical treatment
Approximate Acreage: 5,459
Agricultural Operations: Estelle and Ellis work in cooperation: Cotton Gin, Cow/Calf Operation, Egg Laying Operation, Farm Shop, Edible and Field Crops, Security Horses, Security Pack Canines, and Swine Farrowing/Nursery/Finishing Operations.
Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: Textile Mill
Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance
Additional Operations: Regional Medical Facility/Geriatric Facility; Emergency Medical Services (EMS); Video Conferencing Center; Special Needs Kitchen
Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. Medical care available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regional Digital Medical Services (DMS) hub for electronic specialty clinics. Infirmary with 120 assisted living and extended care beds. Specialty clinics on-site are audiology, brace and limb, dialysis, nephrology, ultra-violet therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, optometry, ophthalmology, oral surgery, regional radiology, and regional laboratory. Type II geriatric facility with wheelchair capabilities and assisted disability services (ADS) showers. Managed by UTMB.
Special Treatment Programs: Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP); Substance Abuse Felony Punishment (SAFP); Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative; Corrective Intervention Pre-Release Programs
Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Reading, Special Education, CHANGES/Pre-Release, Cognitive Intervention
Career and Technology Programs: Bricklaying/Stone Masonry; Business Computer Information Systems II; Horticulture; Painting and Decorating
Additional Programs/Services: Faith Based Dormitory, Adult Education Program (upon availability), Peer Education, Reentry Planning, Chaplaincy Services, GO KIDS Initiative
Community Work Projects: None
Volunteer Initiatives: Substance Abuse Education, Life Skills, Mentoring, Support Groups, Religious/Faith Based Activities and Studies