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Fuginet History

In 1995 the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Internal Affairs Division, currently known as Office of the Inspector General, approached the Governor’s Office, Criminal Justice Division (CJD) with the concept of constructing a computerized database, later to be named Fuginet. The purpose of this project was to provide a systematic and cost effective process whereby TDCJ would be able to share parolee and parole violator data with any criminal justice entity in the state of Texas. Prior to this time, the state’s law enforcement community had very limited resources to obtain this information.

Subsequently grant funding was awarded and during the course of the next four years, CJD saw the need to award over 1.5 million dollars to the task of completing this project. The design and use of this database is not complex. It simply collects historical data from TDCJ prison and parole files, and then combines it with new ideas and advanced technology so that law enforcement can easily identify and locate parolees and parole violators believed to be residing in their respective jurisdictions. This database was built from a collective effort provided by the TDCJ Office of the Inspector General, the Data Services Division, and the Pardons and Parole Division. Fuginet was selected as this program’s title as it provides Fugitive (parole violator) information in a shared Networking system.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is responsible for the supervision of 77,000+ parolees. Of this population over 13,000 have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of their parole and/or have committed additional crimes. Consequently, a felony parole warrant is issued for their arrest. Most of these targeted offenders have an extensive criminal history and continue to commit criminal offenses while maintaining the status of being a fugitive.

The Fuginet system provides law enforcement agencies access to information on Texas parolees/parole violators that includes but is not limited to: offender photograph(s), physical description to include scars/marks/tattoos, prison gang affiliation, residential history, family history, employment history, visitation list while incarcerated, and make/model/license plate number of vehicle(s) being operated by the offender. In addition, all addresses relating to an offender are imported into a mapping program to provide a visual location.

The Office of the Inspector General provides access to this database and three (3) hours TCLEOSE training at no cost to law enforcement agencies. Over 500 municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies currently have access to the Fuginet system.

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  Phone: (936) 437-5170

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