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Attorney Forms

Offender Access to the Courts, Counsel, and Public Official Rules

Scheduling Telephonic or Video Court Conference Hearings

In accordance with Board Policy 03.81, a judge may request that a court hearing be conducted via a telephone or video conference rather than bench warrant the offender to the courtroom. For an offender to participate in a telephone or video court conference hearing, the TDCJ shall required the judge to send a court order or a letter signed by the judge, on official letterhead, preferably three (3) weeks in advance of the requested hearing. The order shall contain the offender's name, TDCJ number, date of requested hearing, beginning time, estimated ending time and either the name and telephone number of the court's contact person in the event of a video court conference, or a collect telephone number where the call can be facilitated in the case of a telephone court conference. No collect telephone number need be provided if the court initiates the telephone call. Questions concerning the coordination of a telephone or video court conference hearing should be directed to the TDCJ Access to Courts, Counsel and Public Officials Department in Huntsville Texas at 936-437-4815.

Parole Forms

  • Attorney Registration Form - doc or PDF
  • Fee Affidavit Form - doc or PDF
  • Offender Representation Summary Report - PDF