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Health & Wellness

Tips to Achieve Your Peak Performance

Focus on Heart

Healthy Heart, Healthy You! Join Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) for multiple events this month to learn about ways to take care of your most vital organ, your heart.

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People often think about wellness in terms of physical health - nutrition, exercise, and weight management, but it is so much more. Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit. There are eight dimensions of wellness that work interdependently to create a circle of well-being: Social, Occupational, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Environmental.


The ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world.


The ability to get fulfillment from our jobs while still maintaining balance in our lives.


The ability to identify your relationship with money and skills in managing resources.


The ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives.


The ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences.


The ability to maintain a healthy quality of life without fatigue or physical stress.


The ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring.


The ability to take responsibility for the environment that surrounds us.

Find Wellness Resources

Good health is important to everyone. A healthy lifestyle can improve your quality of life and increase your longevity. TDCJ employees and retirees have access to a full menu of proven programs to help you on the road to wellness .

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Improve Your Healthy Behavior

Wondr Health™ is the proven leader in digital behavior transformation. Leveraging over 15 years of behavior change experience and partnership with health plans and employers, Wondr Health delivers interrelated, personalized, skill-building programs for full-spectrum weight management, mindfulness and movement that improve the physical and emotional health of participants. Powered by data-driven engagement expertise and personalized programming, and supported by expert content and coaching, the company’s flexible and scalable solutions engage populations, improve quality of life and health outcomes, and prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions.

Earn up to 32 hours of administrative leave (8 hours of leave for every 10 weeks completed)!

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Schedule Your Preventive Care Checkup

The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) has reserved a no-cost VirtualCheckup® for you.

Active employees and their covered spouses enrolled in the HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect medical plan AND are employed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice are eligible to participate in this program.

Earn 8 hours of administrative leave if used as your annual physical exam.

For more information and sign up for a free Catapult Virtual Checkup

Explore Additional Wellness Resources

The Staff Wellness Resource Library provides links to helpful tools and information for TDCJ staff regarding wellness and resiliency. Our goal is to connect you to information that may be helpful for you in your work and personal life. While stress and trauma are an inherent part of the job, you are not alone in navigating your experiences. Equipping yourself with skills and knowledge for managing the stress of the job will help you maintain your quality of life off-duty.

Staff Wellness Resources