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ALERT: Escape
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Institutional Programs and Services for Incarcerated Offenders and Their Children

As research indicates that children of offenders have a 70% greater likelihood of entering the criminal justice system, the GO KIDS Initiative was established to identify resources that offer basic, fundamental services to offenders and their families, and in particular, their children. Recognizing that solid family ties impact the success of individuals under criminal justice supervision, as well as their families, various units offer family-inclusive programs and/or programs focused on strengthening parenting and relational skills. These programs help offenders maintain constructive focus during their incarceration; allow families to remain connected; and positively impact the future of the children.

For more information regarding these programs or the GO KIDS Initiative, contact Lisa Langley at (936) 437-3026.

Additional programs on parenting and life skills are also available to TDCJ offenders through the Windham School District, which is operated within state prisons to provide education to offenders.

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