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Escapee Apprehended
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Victim Services Division

Protective Order

A protective order is a court order that can make someone who has hurt an adult or teenager keep away from that person's home, school or place of work. A minor can ask for a protective order against a partner, parent or household member who is physically hurting of threatening him/her. Victims of family violence, sexual assault or abuse, indecent assault, stalking and trafficking may seek protective orders.

If an offender is sent to prison and was the subject of a protective order, the protective order may be extended. Please contact the Texas Legal Service Center's Crime Victim's Program at (844) 303-7233 (SAFE) or the Texas Advocacy Project at (800) 374-4673 (HOPE) for assistance.

For more information, the Texas Family Code, Section 85.025(c) and the Code of Criminal Procedure art. 7B.007 requires the protective order be extended in certain circumstances.