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Parole Division

Review and Release Processing

The Review and Release Processing Section coordinates the release of all eligible offenders to parole and mandatory supervision.

Case Tracking and Case Analysis staff at the Central Office are responsible for reviewing and processing offenders for release on parole supervision. Case tracking staff initiate residential and residential reentry center plans and prepares material for TDCJ-PD field staff. Case Analysis staff are responsible for record-keeping, case tracking, and case analysis. Analysts analyze each file for the parole plan approval process, county of residence, disciplinary action, special needs, discretionary and/or mandatory supervision, mandatory special conditions, Super-Intensive Supervision Program criteria, and sex offender criteria.

In Fiscal Year 2016, the section processed 11,748 mandatory supervision releases and 21,825 parole releases from CID units, along with 378 mandatory supervision releases and 697 parole releases from other facilities. This totaled 12,126 mandatory supervision releases and 22,522 parole releases handled by the section. Review and Release Processing also maintained more than 187,000 offender files, processed more than 208,577 parole-related letters, and answered more than 94,230 telephone inquiries regarding the status of offenders’ parole review or release.