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Changes to Visitation, 03/01/23
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Parole Division

Interstate Compact for Probation and Parole Supervision

Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) public web portal - Allows the public to search for information about offenders who have transferred supervision to another state or are in another state with permission while the supervision transfer is under consideration.

Navigating the Compact - Answers common compact questions for offenders and their families

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Interstate Compact Office is to successfully facilitate the transfer of adult offenders placed on probation and parole whose supervision needs to be transferred to a state or territory other than the state or territory of conviction, based on public safety concerns and Interstate Compact Rules and to help criminal justice entities and the public understand and comply with interstate compact law.

Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision 2021 Approved Rule Amendments effective April 1, 2022. These amendments impact parole and probation to Texas and from Texas out-of-state transfers.

Program Overview

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are members of the Interstate Compact. The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision is administered in Texas through the TDCJ Interstate Compact Office.

At the discretion of the supervising officer, offenders who meet the following criteria are eligible for mandatory transfer:

  1. has more than 90 days or an indefinite period of supervision remaining at the time the sending state transmits the transfer request; and
  2. has a valid plan of supervision; and
  3. is in substantial compliance with the terms of supervision in the sending state; and
  4. is a resident of the receiving state; or
  5. has resident family in the receiving state who have indicated a willingness and ability to assist as specified in the plan of supervision; and can obtain employment in the receiving state or has means of support.

The receiving state shall complete investigation of the proposed plan of supervision and respond to a sending state’s request for an offender’s transfer of supervision no later than the 45th calendar day following receipt of a completed transfer request in the receiving state’s compact office. Generally, offenders eligible to transfer under the compact shall not be permitted to travel or relocate to the receiving state without reporting instructions approved or until accepted by the receiving state. There are exceptions such as offenders living in the receiving state at sentencing and expedited request due to emergencies. The offender has no right to transfer to another state.

A receiving state shall supervise the offender transferred under the interstate compact in a manner determined by the receiving state and consistent with the supervision of other similar offenders sentenced in the receiving state. The offender must comply with special conditions imposed by both the sending and receiving states.

The Texas Interstate Compact office also processes transfer requests for offenders who request to move to other states and are monitored until discharge, death or return to Texas. Offenders who request to move to Texas from other states are monitored until accepted and placed under supervision.


The TDCJ Interstate Compact Office provides training to the Community Supervision Corrections Division (CSCD), TDCJ Parole Officers, the Judiciary, District Attorneys and the Board of Pardons and Paroles to ensure compliance with compact laws, standards, policies, and procedures. Training is also available via WebEx for officers and staff at the Interstate Commission website at

Statistics FY 2021

  • Number of Texas parolees supervised out-of-state: 2,646
  • Number of Texas probationers supervised out-of-state: 6,511
  • Number of parolees from other states supervised in Texas: 2,055
  • Number of probationers from other states supervised in Texas: 4,140
  • Interstate Compact processed 9,028 requests to transfer from Texas to other states.
  • Interstate Compact processed 9,917 requests for transfer from other states to Texas.

For additional information, contact the Interstate Compact Office at:

8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 280
Austin, Texas 78757
Phone: (512) 406-5990
Fax Number: (512) 452-0469
Director and Deputy Compact Administrator: Cynthia Stout
Assistant Director and Deputy Compact Administrator: Jocelyn Angton
Program Supervisors for Probation and Parole of Offenders (by last name):
A-F, Ana Vázquez
G-I, John Mullaney
J-P, Vacant
Q-Z Nina Gonzales
Interstate Compact Commissioner and Chair: Chairman David Gutierrez, Board of Pardons and Paroles
Interstate Compact Administrator: René Hinojosa, Parole Division Director
Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision