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Visitation, June 2023
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Community Justice Assistance Division

Who We Serve: Community Supervision & Corrections Departments

Community supervision and corrections departments (CSCDs) supervise and help rehabilitate offenders who are sentenced to community supervision by local courts. The 123 CSCDs in Texas are organized within judicial districts and serving 254 counties.

Community supervision officers assess each offender's risk/needs using the Texas Risk Assessment System and then use the results to design an appropriate supervision plan. The plan includes the conditions stipulated by the courts when the offender is sentenced.

Some offenders are confined temporarily in residential facilities. Others are not confined, but must report to their community supervision officers at intervals determined by the courts and based on the offender’s risk/needs assessment.

The programs, services, and tools community supervision departments use to supervise and help rehabilitate offenders include but are not limited to: urinalysis testing, community service restitution, court residential treatment centers, day reporting centers, domestic violence programs, education programs, electronic monitoring, employment programs, intensive supervision probation, intermediate sanction facilities, pretrial services, residential services, sex offender treatment, specialized caseloads, substance abuse treatment, substance abuse treatment facilities, surveillance supervision, and victims services.

Although CSCDs receive funding from TDCJ-CJAD, they are not part of the division. They are organized within local judicial districts, from which they receive office space, equipment and other forms of support. Supervision department employees work for the judicial district. TDCJ-CJAD employees work for the state.