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Community Justice Assistance Division

Enforcing Standards/Guidelines

TDCJ-CJAD determines the core services community supervision and corrections departments (CSCDs) will provide. The division develops minimum standards for CSCD programs, facilities and equipment and develops methods for measuring the success of the programs. The division tracks the performance of CSCDs, monitors and reviews their budgets, offers technical help and training, and awards special state grants. TDCJ-CJAD and the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) have cooperated to develop Battering Intervention and Prevention Project (BIPP) standards (also called guidelines) to meet the requirements for state funding.

Section 509.003, Texas Government Code Section Standards & Procedures

  1. The division shall propose and the board shall adopt reasonable rules establishing:

    1. minimum standards for programs, community corrections facilities and other facilities, equipment, and other aspects of the operation of departments;

    2. a list and description of core services that should be provided by each department;

    3. methods for measuring the success of community supervision and corrections programs, including methods for measuring rates of diversion, program completion, and recidivism;

    4. a format for strategic plans; and

    5. minimum standards for the operation of substance abuse facilities and programs funded through the division.

  2. In establishing standards relating to the operation of departments, the division shall consider guidelines developed and presented by the advisory committee on community supervision and corrections department management to the judicial advisory council established under Section 493.003(b).

  3. A substance abuse facility or program operating under the standards is not required to be licensed or otherwise approved by any other state or local agency.

  4. The division shall develop a screening and evaluation procedure for use in accordance with section 76.017. The division shall determine if a single screening and evaluation procedure may be used in each program. If the division determines that a single procedure is not feasible, the division shall identify and approve procedures that may be used.