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ALERT: Escape
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Community Justice Assistance Division

Reviewing Community Supervision and Corrections Departments (CSCD)

TDCJ-CJAD reviews the budgets and programs of CSCDs and any vendors the departments contract with for services:

  • Compliance Review - A focused examination of the records and practices of a CSCD or its vendors to determine if they are complying with laws, division standards, rules and regulations, guidelines, policy directives, contracts, grant conditions, governing documents and local philosophies and policies.
  • Performance Review - A systematic investigation of the performance of programs funded in part or wholly by state aid. The division completes the four components of the performance audit (outcome monitoring, process evaluation, efficiency review and compliance audit).
  • Special Review - Programs are examined as special circumstances arise or as special requests are made by either internal or external sources.
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Fiscal Audits
  • Review of Independent CPA Audits