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Community Justice Assistance Division

How We Distribute Funds

TDCJ-CJAD distributes funds to community supervision and correction departments (CSCDs). The funds are allotted to departments annually by the Texas Legislature and provide about 65 percent of their operating budgets. Additionally, they receive funds by collecting court-ordered fees from offenders, and through support of their local governments, they have office space, equipment, and other operational necessities.

A CSCD submits a Strategic Plan to TDCJ-CJAD outlining its existing programs and services. As a mandate of the Texas Legislature, the Strategic Plan is subject to approval by the jurisdiction's board of judges. CSCDs may request funding for Diversion Programs through a separate grant application process.

To decide which programs to fund, TDCJ-CJAD considers how well the program will meet offenders' needs and what other funding the departments already receives. CJAD allocates funds over a two-year period according to specific formulae and categories:

  • Basic Supervision funds cover the basic operating costs of the CSCD in providing services to offenders, such as employees' salaries, training, supplies, and other essentials. The amount of funding a CSCD receives is determined by the number of direct and pretrial felon and misdemeanant placements.
  • Community Corrections Program funds are based on the ratio of felons placed directly on community supervision and the population of the counties in the jurisdiction.
  • Diversion Program grants are awarded to select CSCDs for literacy, substance abuse and similar programs that are effective alternatives to incarcerating offenders.
  • Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program (TAIP) grants are awarded to select CSCDs to offer substance abuse screening, assessment, referral and treatment to offenders who do not qualify for or cannot afford any other treatment.