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Community Justice Assistance Division


CJAD Acronyms and Descriptions
Acronym Definition
APPA American Probation and Parole Association
BIPP Battering Intervention and Prevention Program
CCF Community Corrections Facility (operated by CSCDs)
CCP Community Corrections Program
CJAD Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ)
CJC Community Justice Council
CJIMS Community Justice Integrated Information Management System
CJINS Community Justice Intranet System
CJPC Criminal Justice Policy Council
CRTC Court Residential Treatment Center
CSCD Community Supervision and Corrections Department
CSO Community Supervision Officer
CSR Community Service Restitution
CSTS Community Supervision Tracking System
DRC Day (or District) Reporting Center
DP Diversion Program
ELM Electronic Monitoring
EM Electronic Monitoring
FY Fiscal Year
ISF Intermediate Sanction Facility
ISP Intensive Supervision Probation
JAC Judicial Advisory Council
MTA Motion to Adjudicate
MTR Motion to Revoke
MTRP Motion to Revoke - Probation
MTRB Motion to Revoke - Bond
NIC National Institute of Corrections
NCIC National Crime Information Center
PAC Probation Advisory Committee
PSIR Presentence Investigation Report
PTR Pretrial Services (includes pretrial release and pretrial intervention programs)
PTS Pretrial Sentencing (includes pretrial release and pretrial sentencing)
SAFPF Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility
SATF Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
TAIP Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program
TCA Texas Corrections Association
TPA Texas Probation Association
TTC Transitional Treatment Center (a component of SAFPF)
UA Urinalysis
VAWA Violence Against Women Act
VIS Victim Impact Statement
VOCA Victims of Crime Act
VR Violation Report