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Business and Finance Division

Related Acronyms

ADPICS  Advanced Purchasing and Inventory Control System
AFR  Annual Financial Report
CAFR  Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CCIS  Common Control Interface Signaling Network
CMBL  Centralized Master Bidders List
ERS  Employees Retirement System
ESBD  Electronic State Business Daily
GAA  General Appropriations Act
GOBPP  Governor's Office of Budget, Planning, and Policy
GR  General Revenue
HUB  Historically Underutilized Business
IAC/ICC  Interagency/Interlocal Contract
IFB  Invitation for Bids
ITF  Inmate Trust Fund
ITV  Interagency Transaction Voucher
LAR  Legislative Appropriations Request
LBB  Legislative Budget Board
RFO  Request for Offer
RFP  Request for Proposals
TBRB  Texas Bond Review Board
TPASS  Texas Procurement and Support Services
TPFA  Texas Public Finance Authority
USAS  Uniform Statewide Accounting System