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Administrative Review & Risk Management Division

Inmate Grievance Program

The mission of the Inmate Grievance program is to promote awareness and positive intervention between staff and inmates, to identify and resolve issues at the lowest possible level, and to facilitate the flow of information between the units and agency leaders.

General Information

  • All TDCJ inmates have access to the Inmate Grievance Program to present written complaints related to their classification, personal property, disciplinary status, or other confinement issues within the agency’s control.
  • Grievance forms and instructions on how to use the grievance procedure are available from staff in each housing area or at the Law Library.
  • Inmates who have problems filing grievances, or who do not understand the response to a grievance, may contact the unit grievance investigator for assistance.
  • Staff is responsible for fair, prompt responses and actions in response to inmate grievances.
  • The program also provides a management tool for administrators to keep informed of developing trends and specific problems, while encouraging inmates to interact responsibly with authority to resolve disputes, avoid conflicts and accept rules as a necessary part of participation in society.
  • Harassment, retaliation, or reprisal for using the inmate grievance process is strictly prohibited.
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Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Inmate Grievance Program
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