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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

March 22, 2016


Adam Ward #999525

Last Statement:

I would like to thank everyone that has showed up on my behalf, Kathryn Cox, I love you dearly.  Thank you Randy Cannon for showing up and being a lifelong friend.  Thank you Dr. Steve Ball for trying to bring the right out.  There are a lot of injustices that are happening with this.  This is wrong.  Thank you Reverend Leon Harrison for showing me the grace of God.  Thank you for all of my friends that are out there.  This is not a capital case.  I never had intended to do anything.  I feel very grieved for the loss of Walker, and for Donovan and Marissa Walker.  I hope they can find peace and be productive in society.  I would like to thank all of my friends on the row even though everything didn’t work, close isn’t good enough.  I hope that positive change will come out of this.

I would like to thank my father and mother for everything that they showed me.  I would like to apologize for putting them through this.  I would like to ask for the truth to come out and make positive changes.  Above all else Donovan and Marissa can find love and peace.  I hope they overcome the loss of their father.  At no time did I intend to hurt him.

When the truth comes out I hope that they can find closure.  There are a lot of things that are not right in this world, I have had to overcome them myself.  I hope all that are on the row, I hope they find peace and solace in their life. Everyone can find peace in a Christian God or whatever God they believe in.  I thank you mom and dad for everything, I love you dearly.  One last thing, I thank all of my friends that showed loyalty and graced my life with more positive.  I would also like to thank Gustav’s mother for having such a great son, and showing me much love.  I have met good people on the row, not all of them are bad.  I hope everyone can see that.  I just want to thank everybody that came to witness this.  I thank everyone, I am sorry things didn’t work out.  May God forgive us all?  I am sorry mother and I am sorry father.  I hope you find peace and solace in your heart.  I know there is something else I need to say.  I feel that.