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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

July 26, 2000


Juan Soria #837

Last Statement:

I wish we could pray to Allah, the father of the universe. I ask for your protection and my salvation, my night and my day. I want you to lead me and I will follow. We give praise to Allah the divine and holy prophet. We know that you are Allah, that you are the prophet in these days that is in charge of the human race in this new era of time. These two (unintelligible) to the masters of the temple of the son we have been honored to dwell in our father's house at least for the time in which this finite time has come to it's assigned time for one. There is nothing strange, love governs all events, what is (unintelligible), who is who was his mother and father, we extend my love to all my brothers and sister extend to life and my religion, it is Allah. It is going in salvation of the nation I come from South, Central, and North America. (Unintelligible) that would save us. So, I call on to all of my brothers and sisters and to members of the human race that still have some knowledge for what love divine love is. That comes learned from your ancient forefathers. Love is brought by this prophet Allah. We extend our love to everyone who believes the faith of Islamic and chooses to love along with all their being. We come to understand what is finite and what is infinite. Again, I say it is an honor to live in my father's house. To see this divine great paradise that which I have come to see with the eye of the spirit, the spirit which was revealed by my prophet which was (unintelligible). We extend our love to everybody. Extend my love to my divine sister. Sister Dorothy, and my brother Tomas and we know that our father Allah will bless them in the following days to come. We know that Allah is with us now and forever. The say I am going to have surgery, so I guess I will see everyone after this surgery is performed. It is finished.