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Death Row Information

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Date of Execution:

September 5 , 2007


Tony Roach

Last Statement:

Yes sir, I do. Go ahead? First of all I want to thank God for the love; thank God for the love from the family and friends that I have. To God I give the glory though the years. I love and care about the Lord. The Lord knows that I prayed for the victim's family. I know you all probably have bitterness and hate for what I did. There is not a day goes by that I have not prayed for Ronni Dawn Hewitt and Carol Dawson and her daughter who was left behind. I pray to God, the Lord Almighty that like he did for me, he will reach out and help you. I just pray that the Lord takes away your bitterness. There is so much hurt that I have caused you all. On the phone, I talked to my family for two hours. It was hard to see such a big man just break down and cry like a little baby. I hope this will touch your hearts like you have touched mine. I know it is hard for you all. I am to blame for this, I will take that Lord, when I get there. Back in 2003, I want to tell you this. I got down on my knees. The Lord knew my heart. I wanted to kill myself. I spoke to Ms. Ronnie Dawn Hewitt. The next day I received a letter that they had lost a friend to suicide. She said that she forgave me and that was something that I needed to hear. God helped me to forgive myself and move on. I just pray that some day you will find forgiveness in your heart. Know that your loved one is in a good place. I am sorry for what I have done. I cannot agree with this injustice. The Bible says that you shalt not kill, but it also says to obey the government. I am sorry, forgive me. Francis, I love you and thank you for being here. I have no ill will towards anyone carrying out this so called justice. Thank you. I am ready Warden.