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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Picture of Inmate Name Roach, Tony
TDCJ Number 999323
Date of Birth 11/09/1976
Date Received 08/18/1999
Age (when Received) 22
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 10
Date of Offense 06/08/1998
  Age 21
  County Potter
  Race White
  Gender Male
  Hair Color Brown
  Height (in Feet and Inches) 5′ 8″
  Weight (in Pounds) 169
  Eye Color Brown
  Native County Greenville
  Native State South Carolina

Prior Occupation

Prior Prison Record
South Carolina Department of Corrections on a 6-year sentence for Armed Robbery and Assault and Battery (subject robbed an adult white male of his vehicle, using a .45 caliber pistol to strike the victim causing minor injuries); released on Parole in 1998.

Summary of Incident
On 06/08/98, in Amarillo, Texas, Roach fatally strangled a 29-year old white female after burglarizing her residence. Roach knocked on the victim's apartment door and when he did not receive an answer, he pried open a window and gained entry. Roach saw the victim sitting in the living room. Roach hid in the bathroom and when the victim walked down the hallway, he confronted her. The victim struggled with Roach. He placed a belt around her neck and strangled her. When the victim was dead, Roach sexually assaulted the body. Roach set fire to the residence prior to leaving.


Race and Gender of Victim
White Female