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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

May 23, 2000


James Richardson #867

Last Statement:

Can they talk back? Say I pray for it, I accept it. Pray with me. This is still a statement. Ready? Dear Heavenly Father, forgive us, Lord. I ask that you watch over my Mama and over my sister. I ask this in the name of Christ. I also repent for all my sins, Lord. I pray that you will bring me home tonight. Please, I ask that I rest in your arms in the name of Christ Jesus I pray this. I truly believe that Jesus died for my sins that I may be resurrected, Lord, that you would do that much. Please, I ask that you not let me down and that I will be with you today in Heaven. Christ Jesus name I pray this. Donna and everybody else, Mr. Johnson, I ask that y'all will pray for me and that God will bring me home tonight, that he will keep me in Heaven, that I will still be in heaven. Please Lord, I don't want to be in Heaven, I mean I don't want to be in Hell. And, please Lord, I confess my sins. This is your son, Lord Jesus, this is your servant, please, this is your slave. I love you, too. Donna and Mama and Mr. Johnson, I wrote a message. Don't give up, love you all, even the ones that are my enemies. I truly forgive all of y'all in Christ Jesus, we pray. I ask God that he take all the hate out of my heart and away from my soul. Please, please, Lord, don't fail me. I don't know is Margie here now? But if she is, I ask her forgiveness. I ask that you not hold nothing against me or my family from this day forward, and hold no hate toward them. I don't know. I can't hear you, you may forgive me, and you may not. Forgive Mike Allison, forgive McHenry, forgive us all. Whatever the cost may be I love you. Take care of my Mama. Donna, I ask you to take care of my Mama, too. Whenever you get mad at her, you remember me. Remember I may be back. Mama, I am going to try to make that promise to you. I gonna ask God to allow his child to come back to see you. Cause I am in Heaven. At time I can come (unintelligible). Okay, Mr. Johnson, you take care, let my Mama's will be done. One more prayer, then we may proceed. Heavenly Father, I confess my sins, really I do. Let me know that I will be in Heaven tonight. Please let me know. I don't want to be in Hell with Satan or anyone else. Please, that is something I need to know. I ask that Jesus give me help. In Jesus precious name, I pray this. I ask that you give me those promises, that you assure me that those promises are real. That I am praying right. In Jesus precious name, I pray this. Goodbye, Mama. Goodbye, Donna.