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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

March 3, 2009


Pondexter, Willie

Last Statement:

Well, first I want to say. They may execute me but they can't punish me because they can't execute an innocent man. I am not mad. Jack Herrington, I am not mad. You were given a job to do but that's neither here nor there. I am not mad. I am disappointed by the courts. I feel like I was upset and let down by them. But that's O.K. I just played the hand that life dealt me. Look at my life and learn from it. I am very remorseful about what I did. I apologize. To my kids, Daddy loves you. Irene Wilcox, Thank you. It's been a long journey. Thank you for being there. Tell Jack hello. I know I am wrong but I am asking ya'll to forgive me.