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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

June 12, 2000


Thomas Mason #999035

Last Statement:

I understand that Michael Skains is supposed to be here somewhere. They did everything but make sure I got a fair trial to prove I was innocent. I wasn't the one who had the gun to give to police and all these altered records from the District Attorney's office and the Attorney General's office, that's why Michael Sputnick got fired and ran off when I filed these appeals. Not one of my sell out lawyers would use this evidence, because they all work as a conspiracy with the court. No doubt about it. Jack King did everything he could to keep me from making arms and showing this evidence. They wait till the hearing was over and then make the arguments in the court or on paper where nobody can rebut it or contradict the testimony or arguments. There's more than 30 altered and falsified records saying I told so and so this or that, but you go look in their record, it does not say Thomas Mason called them at all and told them anything. But that's okay. All this evidence is being saved, so Jack King can laugh all he wants like he's the big hero, after this is over with, that's fine. But the person that had the gun, they know was not Thomas Mason, so who's getting the last laugh after all? The guy that got away. But Jack King knows he illegally convicted me of all these falsified altered records. My sister's got the document that my lawyer filed, but he didn't file with the court. It's got the signature on it. He put this all in one record. So it's going to be saved. It ain't going to be destroyed just because I'm dead. Everybody's got to go sooner or later and sooner or later everyone of ya'll will be along behind me. That's all I got to say.