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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

January 28, 2009


Martinez, Virgil Euristi

Last Statement:

Yes I do. Um Abel, Love ya'll, Evelyn love ya'll, Armando and Delia I love ya'll. Do what I told you and you will see me one day. Do that and promise me. First, Veronica's sister. I know what you've been told and that's all a lie. John Gomez killed your kids and sister. I know ya'll love John Gomez but he was a violent man. I wish I would have shot him in the leg, then he would be here. Those investigators were just trying to convict somebody. My gun had a hair trigger. Veronica told me to come and get my herb book and she went to the back of the closet. Her kids had asthma and I lent her the book. She said she would give it to me next time. She didn't want to break up, we still talked. She told me to come over. John Gomez said Veronica does not have the money for your book so don't come over. Me being a hot shot I went over there and I had my gun. I had children and nephews where I lived so I had to keep my gun in my truck for self defense. Veronica invited me in her house, the kids were still awake fixing to go to bed. I put the gun under my shirt and said Hi to Josh and Cassandra. John Gomez was there he told Veronica that "he doesn't love you" I didn't care.