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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Picture of Inmate Name Jasper, Ray
TDCJ Number 999341
Date of Birth 08/25/1980
Date Received 02/04/2000
Age (when Received) 19
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 8
Date of Offense 11/29/1998
  Age (at the time of Offense) 19
  County Bexar
  Race Black
  Gender Male
  Hair Color Black
  Height (in Feet and Inches) 5′ 9″
  Weight (in Pounds) 139
  Eye Color Brown
  Native Country Netherlands
  Native State n/a

Prior Occupation

Prior Prison Record

Summary of Incident
On 11/29/98, Jasper and two co-defendants were responsible for the death of a 33-year old white male, which took place during a robbery. The victim was a musical engineer who owned a recording studio in San Antonio. Jasper had created his own record label and had his own rap group. Jasper went to the recording studio of the victim. He walked up behind the victim and grabbed him by the hair and slit his throat. The victim was then stabbed to death. Jasper covered the victim with a black sheet in order to "not have to look at him." Jasper then began loading vehicles with the equipment inside the studio, estimated to be worth between $10,000 and $30,000. Jasper and his codefendants made several trips taking the property from the studio, and upon returning to the scene of the crime, he was observed to be suspicious, and eventually apprehended by police.

Russell, Steve
Williams, Doug

Race and Gender of Victim
White male