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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

January 31, 2002


Randall Hafdahl #826

Last Statement:

Spoken: Yes, I do. My last full statement is being released in a way other than me right here. All I want to say, I love you all. Approximately 28 years ago, I remember looking down at a bassinet, I saw an angel. I am looking at her right now. I love you, Colleen. Let's get going. The road goes on forever, and the party never ends. Let's rock and roll. Let's go Warden. Me and you, all of us. Remember wet Willie - keep on smiling, keep on smiling. I love you. It's on the way, I can feel it. It's OK, baby. We have a party to go to. I can feel it now.

Written: Over the last few days we've had a chance to say it all. If I lived to be a 100, the love we all share couldn't be more beautiful. Than you for loving me. II Timothy 1.7 tells us that God DID NOT instill in us the spirit of fear: but of power, love, and of sound mind...For those of you who seek to find fear in my eyes? Look into yourself, thats where you'll find the fear you so desperately search for. I leave this life with a clear conscience and heart; I can say that only because I have spoke the truth over the last 16+ years. I am the only one that can say that truthfully. Chief Neal: as to what you said to me when you had me in the back seat of your car on the night of Nov 11? Thank you for being so determined to only seek a specific conclusion, truth be damned! I say that because the thought of having to die of old age in prison is the worst death any person could endure. To Modina Holmes: I thank you for planting that bullet in the ground, and the cigarette butt, also the knives Danny Helgren had packed in his suit case in the trunk of the car; which you placed in the cab for your photo shoot. I also want to thank you and Chief Neal, because of your actions, it shows me that you are human and can love, the same as I love my Club Brothers. We're a lot more alike than you think. To Wes Clayton: You were nothing but a paid chump. You were brought in to do all the dirty work on this case so as to shield Randy Sherrod, "AKA Daffy Duck" from possibly soiling his reputation if the bottom fell out of this conviction through the appeals. For 16 years now you have been the one I have dreamed of having the chance to meet again: UNrestrained! I really would have loved to have had the chance to take your lying ass to school, boy! James Farren: You ain't as slick as you think you are. I read that article the Globe printed on the 27th, where you expressed how Eardmann wasn't important because there was at least one witness at trial who testified the first shot diarmed Mitchell and rendered him defenseless. Your sure right about that. Just wonder how many people out there other than me and you know that one witness you used to justify Eardmann was actually Eardmann himself! You know as well as I do the only witness to testify about sequence of shots was Eardmann himself. I have to admit, when it comes to walking the line between a lie and a deception, your good! You sure your not related to Clayton? And to the Mitchell family: I truely am sorry for the tragedy that took place on Nov 11, 85. Thats all I can give you. Thats all I will give you. Because today your making my family and loved ones a victim just as you have cried to the world you were in this tragedy. I did not deliberately shoot James Mitchell. I had no premeditation in my thoughts when I spun around and fired, no matter how many fantasy motives Clayton and Sherrod fabricated. So today my family becomes a victim. You know, the truth sets you free, and the truth is, if your loved one had acted with any professionalism at all, he would be alive today! And thats all I got to say about it. Scooter, get the beer and get in the truck, take me home baby, we got a party to get ready for. I love ya'll. Remember Wet Willy Boocub.