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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

March 15, 2000


Timothy Gribble #000929

Last Statement:

Verbal Statement: Okay, thank you. To the Weis family, and ah I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I am truly sorry. I mean it, I'm not just saying it. Through the years of being in prison I come to hear and respect our life. It was wrong what I did. I know you had to go through a lot of pain and I'm sorry. To the Jones family, the same is true, I am truly truly sorry. I wanted to prepare a longer statement but time ran out. I had the chaplain write down a few words for my friends and for you, my family. I would like him to read them for me, and ah, just please find peace.

Chaplain Brazzil recites written statement: To the Jones Family: Please accept my sincerest apology and regrets for what happened to your loved one. It was truly a horrible thing that I did and I regret it deeply. I do not know if this will ease your pain but I truly pray that this will help you find peace. I am sincerely truly sorry. For the Weis Family: The same is true. I regret what happened. I have lived with the guilt and the pain in my heart for taking Donna away from you. There is no way that I can know your pain and sorrow for losing someone so close to you. I truly hope that you will find peace. Please know that I am sorry. I feel that I have to speak out against the practice of the death penalty, although I have no regrets in my case. The death penalty is an unnecessary punishment for society who has other means to protect itself. You cannot rectify death with another death. Whenever the state chooses to take a life and take the power of God into their own hands, whenever our leader's kill in the name of justice, we are all diminished. To my family and friends, father, sister and brother, those that have traveled so far to be here today, please just know that I am at peace. You have all been so good to me through this whole ordeal. I can never find the words to express my love for all of you. Just know that I go with God. Oum - Nama Shiveya I go with God.

Last Verbal Statement: No sir, I just want to pray a chant, do what you have to do.