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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Last Statement

Date of Execution:

November 20, 2002


William Chappell #960

Last Statement:

Jane, Grace and all of you all, I know you think I did this, and I'm sure you think this is wonderful in you eyes. But, let me tell you something, there were two DNA tests run and none matched me. I wanted a third, but that never happened. Three people at different times confessed to killing these people - your parents. They did not know me. My request is that you get yourselves in church and pray for forgiveness because you are murdering me. I did not kill anyone in my life. If you will look at your house and the police report, there are several bullet patterns shot into the West wall over the bed and the East wall and North wall and your sister was in the front bedroom while 30 shots were fired. There's no way in hell she would have laid in that bed. If you think I did this, you need to think again. There were three people in the house and have confessed to it. Larry Ashworth in Fort Worth killed seven people. All I was asking for was a DNA and I could not get it. But get in church and get right with God. Jane, you know damn well I did not molest that kid of yours. You are murdering me and I feel sorry for you. Get in church and get saved. I really don't know what else to tell you.