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Office Closure
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Date of Execution:

April 21, 2022


Carl Buntion, #993

Last Statement:

Ok to start with I would like to thank everyone that has stayed; Karen, Linda, Barry, Danny, Barbara, God bless each and every one of you. I have a message to the Irby family. The shootout occurred June 27, 1990. One week later a police officer on his day off named Michael Garret showed up to my cell. He was wearing civilian clothes. I thought he was a chaplain. He came to the back where it is super seg. The guys there began to ridicule him because the officer brought me a small Bible.

He said boy, do you know that you just hit a brick wall? I am a deputy Sherriff. He asked me have you ever been to church. Have you heard of Jesus Christ? I said yes, he then gave me a small Bible which I call a Gideon Bible and read from Romans. The deputy said get right with God. The Deputy’s buddies, five or six guys standing in the hallway were making fun of him and the deputy said don’t listen to them, listen to my voice. That was July 4, 1990. I wanted the Irby family to know one thing, I do have remorse for what I did. Ms. Irby, the little one year old girl, I can’t remember her name, Cody was three and she was one when I took their father's life away. I pray to God that they get the closure for me killing their father and Ms. Irby’s husband. I hope to see you in heaven some day and when you show up I will give you a big hug. To all of my friends that stuck with me through all of these years I am not going to say good bye just saying so long. I am ready to go.