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Death Row Information

Inmate Information

Picture of Inmate Name Balderas, Juan
TDCJ Number 999590
Date of Birth 09/02/1986
Date Received 03/25/2014
Age (when Received) 27
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 12
Date of Offense 12/15/2005
  Age (at the time of Offense) 19
  County Harris
  Race Hispanic
  Gender Male
  Hair Color Black
  Height (in Feet and Inches) 5′ 07″
  Weight (in Pounds) 160
  Eye Color Brown
  Native County Harris
  Native State Texas

Prior Occupation
Kitchen Worker, Construction

Prior Prison Record

Summary of Incident
The subject and the victim were members of the same street gang. The victim was called to testify against another fellow gang member in a robbery case. The victim had been warned by the gang regarding testimony against the gang. The gang leader ordered the subject to murder the victim to prevent him for testifying. The subject went to the victim's residence armed with a .40 caliber handgun and shot through the front door of the apartment. The subject then entered the apartment and shot the victim several times in the head causing his death. The subject fled the scene and was still in possession of the gun used to kill the victim when he was arrested 10 days later.


Race and Gender of Victim
Hispanic Male